Becoming a pattern tester or research assistant

Pattern Testers / Research Partners Needed
Tailored Plus-Size crocheted Cardigan.

Not all plus size bodies are the same, so I’d like to write a recipe (more than a pattern) that helps women crochet a tailored cardigan that suits their curves and fits their preferred fashion aesthetic.

I am looking for crocheters who wish to come along with me on my research and design journey. I need real life subjects rather than “standard body sizes” like those at, because those address the average. If you have ever crocheted a plus-size pattern from a book or magazine in the last 12 years and you’ve been disappointed, it could be that the “standard” measurements just didn’t match your body that well, and that it wasn’t your crochet skills that weren’t up to snuff.

The love of my life is plus-sized, but she is the size she is, and I can’t make generalizations for other sizes and body types based on hers alone. I have other plus-size friends, but they don’t crochet. I can’t do all the crocheting myself in a workable time frame, so that is why I’m reaching out to you!



Must be able to read crochet patterns (text version, diagram-reading a bonus, but not essential). Familiarity with these stitches and these abbreviations (US-terms): sl st, ch, sc, hdc, dc, tr, dtr, yo,

Must be able to commit to a 4 – 9 month process and see it through (barring the usual types of emergencies that do interfere sometimes).

Must be willing to crochet with dk or sport-weight yarns (no worsted weight)

Must be comfortable with using a calculator for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, other math skills include rounding off, rounding up or down, percentages.
Must have a model (or crochet for yourself) with a bust size of 48”/122cm or more.

Cannot be a blogger, self-published, or commercially published designer.

Having a printer or access to one is great. Working solely on cell phone could be problematic, but doable,

Hopefully isn’t squeamish about sharing measurements with me.
If for yourself, you need another person who can take accurate measurements.

I would also like a picture of it modelled on you – for research only, not for publication, unless you’d like to be in the book.
Some sample sweaters may make it into the book, but photographed on models if you don’t want your picture in the book itself.
We will be doing this all by email and phone and even video chat if necessary/wanted, not on social media.
Complete secrecy is a must!

The outcome will be a cardigan you are pleased to wear, and you will have helped other plus-size crocheters/models everywhere. I will make some generalizations based on all the work that all the research assistants/pattern testers have done to create a book.

There will be some trial and error, so some frogging may be necessary, but hopefully we’ll work gradually through different stages and address different problems as we go. See below for how to join.

A bit more about who I am.
I am a crocheter, designer, and family man, and…

But I am a technical editor for Annie’s Publishing, Interweave, and several other publications and yarn companies.
I have tech-edited two books on plus-size crochet ( and ( learned a lot, but those were restricted by the size guidelines, so there are still gaps in designing GREAT plus-size garments.

Email me at or private message me on FB at by FB page Charles Voth Designs. Feel free to share this page with other plus-size crocheters or friends who would be interested.

Thanks for your interest.