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Some nice things have been said about the class, and I hope you are interested in taking it. The amazing thing about a Craftsy class compared to watching a video from another site is that you get to interact with the teacher in the video and ask questions. Charles crochet symbols at CraftsySo if there is a gap between what you want to learn and what is in the video lesson, you can always ask.¬† And I promise to provide all the help and additional information you need if I know the answers, or to research it to the best of my ability if I don’t know the answer right away. There is also a speed management tool. You can speed up or slow down the video or you can ask the last 30 seconds to be replayed if you’ve missed anything I’ve said.

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Beyond Rectangles Crochet: How to Shape, Edge, and Finish a garment that isn’t a box!

Joining Crochet Motifs: Wow! Just Wow..I took this class and learned SO much about joining pieces into blankets, etc.

Taking color in crochet to the next level! You’ll love this class on Fairisle crochet…nothing like this on Youtube.

Marty Miller, “Crochet Doctor”, teaches about chainless foundation stitches…but not just the basics…amazing things you can do with them to make your projects have a beautiful finish.