Snail Square Crochet Block Motif

IMGP0283I love crochet motifs that use up all the odds and ends of yarn that seem to get tucked away and eventually tangled in my stash bins.

This block uses a spiral technique where partial rounds are worked and then the hook is moved to a second live loop of an additional colour of yarn and then another partial round is worked in that colour. Then the hook is returned to the first colour and more partial rounds are worked, and back and forth and so on. It’s really a lot of fun.

This free crochet motif is versatile for a baby’s blanket for example. You could get all your odds and ends of baby yarns that are of the same weight, and preferably from the same manufacturer, so that it washes evenly and it’s easier to maintain an even tension. Then you start with two of the colours and keep going until the square is big enough for a crip, for a car seat, or for snuggling and nursing.

If you have a lot of one colour of yarn, you can use that as the one colour for all the squares or the majority of them and then use bits and bobs of other colours in the alternate legs of the spiral. That brings a bit of cohesiveness to the larger project when you sew the squares together.

This crochet pattern can be found for free here in my Craftsy store.