Stair-Step Crescent Shawl – Crocheted

Crochet Stair-Step Crescent ShawlI am not really into math, but I do love pattern! I use a little algebra and a little trig here or there when I’m designing garments, but other than that I prefer to stick to colour and texture.

But when I came across a picture of a knit version of an asymmetrical crescent shawl, there was a spark that challenged my mind to figure out the math formula that would make this work. It’s actually not that hard.

I will be publishing a pattern soon, but in the meantime, here’s a little video (a little rough as I did it for an online friend and really wasn’t editing it or planning on sharing it) that teaches how to make the shawl. All the instructions are in it with some tips and tricks as well.

If you do crochet one, please share pictures in my Facebook group. As soon as I have the pattern published on Ravelry, you can share your project progress there as well.

Video tutorial on how to crochet crescent shawl
Crescent Shawl Video Tutorial